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About us.

Tom Neuhauser

Tom is a multi-talented musician!  He plays guitar, saxiphone, keyboards -- and sings.   We are fortunate to have Tom in the band.  Catch his solo acts as well locally!

Tom 1.jpg

We are an acoustic 3 person band. We play a wide range of music ranging from classic rock to some of today's favorites. Each of us has our own set of cover songs cover songs that we take turns leading in a gig -- and we pride ourselves on our tight blend of vocals, back-up and harmonies. 

Eric Helff
Eric started with a local Irish band and then teamed up with talented musicians like Rupert Bryan to go on and form Finally Friday Band.

Kim Johnston
Kim was the last to join the band. She grew up in a very musical family and has been singing all her life. Along with her voice, she sometimes adds harmonica, flute and bass guitar to the group.

Tom Neuhauser

Tom is a fun, seasoned multi-instrumentalist specializing in keyboard/piano, guitar, vocals, saxophone, bass and more!.  He is and often the third member of our musical trio, and is a full-time solo musician in the area -- full of talent! 

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